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Boone County maintains a list of active warrants, some dating back to 1982.  These warrants are for a wide variety of crimes including mostly misdemeanor cases.  Here are some interesting breakdowns of the warrant list:  

25% of the entire list of offenders are believed to be living either out of County or out of State.  24% of the entire list are wanted for failing to appear in civil cases in Family Court.  15% have already been arrested at least one time on the case in question and have either failed to appear or violated terms and conditions of Bond or Probation.  37% of total warrants were issued prior to 2013.  8% of all warrants are for passing worthless checks.  (These percentages are figured by individual category against the entire active list)  

It is not feasible for us to maintain the entire list on here, so warrants listed on here will will be a hybrid of people wanted for serious felonies as well as other important cases.  This is a feature of our website we are extremely excited about and hope it produces positive results.  

Please remember, just because a person has a warrant on them, it does not mean they are guilty of a crime.  Their guilt or innocence will be decided in the court of law.  Warrant information on this page is monitored and we make every attempt to actively maintain such information, however it may take us a few days to remove information after a warrant has been served.

If you have information on a person's specific whereabouts, you may contact an officer 24 hours a day at 304-369-9913, you may also call the Sheriff's Office Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm at 304-369-7340 or send a crime tip from our home page.  We will keep your information confidential and will not disclose it to the offender.

  Arrested because of this site: 5


Name: Steven Brown

Born: 1990

Last Known Address: 2903 Ashford Nellis Road, Nellis, WV

Charges: Absconded from Treatment Facility

Case # 14F-5 Circuit Court


Name: Randy Lynn Corbett

Charges: Grand Larceny

Case # 11F-145 

Name: Matthew Estep                                                      

  Matthew Estep.jpg

Born: 1976

Last Known Address: 1314 Joe's Creek Road, Comfort, WV

Charges: Failure to Appear

Case # 13F-17 Circuit Court

Name: Michael Frye

Michael Frye.jpg

Born: 1978

Last Known Address: 238 Ball Fork Road, Danville, WV

Charges: Probation Violation

Case # 12F-33 Circuit Court


Name: Eric Gillispie

Case # 15F-340 


Name: Traci Gullett

Traci Gullett.jpg 

Charges: Identity Theft

Case # 15F-503 

Name: Georgia Holeston

Born: 1986

Last Known Address: 1482 Dog Hollow Road, Morrisvale, WV

Charges: Burglary

Case # 15F-316 Magistrate Court

Name: William Jarrell

Born: 1950

Last Known Address: Sissonville, WV

Charges: Grand Larceny

Case # 14F-320 Magistrate Court

Name: Michael D. Maynard

Born: 1977

Last Known Address: 7 Mitchell Lane, South Charleston, WV

Charges: Grand Larceny

Case # 04F-486 Magistrate Court

Name: Charles Pridemore

Born: 1972

Last Known Address: 1171 Jim's Branch Road, Lake, WV

Charges: Failure to Appear

Case # 12F-81 Circuit Court

Name: Misty Schindler

Born: 1985

Last Known Address: 323 Cracker Jack Drive, Paintsville, KY

Charges: Credit Card Fraud x3 & Computer Fraud x3

Case # 15F-94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99 Magistrate Court


Name: Victoria Sheppard

Born: 1980

Case # 10F-83 

Name: Nina Smith

Nina Smith.jpg

Born: 1974

Last Known Address: 297 Bias' Branch Road, Jeffrey, WV

Charges: Failure to Appear

Case # 12F-36 Circuit Court


Name: William Thomas Sutphin

William Sutphin.jpg

Case # 15F-97 

Name: Rodney Dale Thomas

Rodney Thomas.jpg

Born: 1978

Last Known Address: Seth, WV

Charges: Forgery x2, Uttering x2, Failure to Appear

Case # 10F-422, 423, 424, 425    &    11F-54    Magistrate Court

Name: Michael Thompson

Born: 1964

Last Known Address: Danville, WV

Charges: Failure to Appear

Case # 12F-38 Circuit Court

Name: Larry Turner

Born: 1982

Last Known Address: 132 Cranberry Lane, Danville, WV

Charges: Failure to Appear

Case # 14F-27 Circuit Court

 Name: Jerry White

Born: 1967

Last Known Address: Wharton, WV

Charges: Failure to Appear

Case # 05F-40 Circuit Court